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Self-Driving Cars Teach-Out

Getting Involved / Lesson 3 of 3


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A tremendous thank you to all of our partners and collaborators that helped -co-develop this Teach-Out:

Mcityfaculty and staff:

Huei Peng, Carrie Morton, Greg McGuire, Susan Carney, Allison Vanderspool, & Vicki Waters

Expert Contributors:

  • Huei Peng: Director of Mcity, Professor of Mechanical Engineering/li>
  • Carrie Morton: Deputy Director of MCity
  • Greg McGuire: Lab Director of MCity
  • John Gagern: Shuttle Conductor at MCity
  • Daniel Crane: Associate Professor of Law
  • Ian Williams: Fellow for the Law & Mobility Program
  • Bryce Pilz: Director of Licensing, U-M Office of Technology Transfer
  • Lionel Robert: Associate Professor of Information
  • Elisabeth Gerber: Associate Dean for Research and Policy Engagement and Professor of Public Policy
  • Alexandra Murphy: Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • John Gagern - Shuttle Conductor
  • John Verboncoeur: Acting Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering and Professor in the Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering at Michigan State University
  • Sheila Cotten: Professor of Sociology at Michigan State University
  • Amanda Silver: May Mobility
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