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Self-Driving Cars Teach-Out

Societal Change / Lesson 1 of 6

Societal Change - Liz Gerber

9 minutes

Self-driving cars have the potential to offer many significant benefits across all levels of society, from reducing fatalities from car crashes to reduced traffic. In this conversation with Liz Gerber and Huei, you will learn about how these potential benefits stack up next to the reality of challenges in access and equity. Liz also uses Detroit, Michigan as a case example to explore how self-driving cars might impact the future of mobility and transportation.

Liz Gerber is the associate dean for research and policy engagement and the Jack L. Walker, Jr. Professor of Public Policy at the Ford School. Her current research focuses on regionalism and intergovernmental cooperation, sustainable development, urban climate adaptation, transportation policy, community and economic development, local fiscal capacity, and local political accountability. She currently serves as vice-chair of the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan. Full bio here.

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