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COVID-19: Processing the Pandemic Teach-Out

This teach-out will be live until March 4, 2024.


As our world prepares for life with and after COVID-19, individuals face an array of difficult decisions associated with reopening and planning for an uncertain, new normal. This Teach-Out will offer learners information and tools enabling them to process and respond to this pandemic. This Teach-Out draws from a broad range of interdisciplinary experts, with both academic expertise and lived experience, from fields such as public health, social work, dog training, and more.

This Teach-Out has two sections: one that looks back on how we can process the pandemic through a series of guided reflections and one that looks at how we move forward. While different countries have varying timelines and strategies for easing Covid-19 restrictions, we aim to meet all learners where they are in order to better prepare them for the coming weeks, months, and years. This Teach-Out explores how we can collectively plan for an uncertain future and build resilience through community, connection, and understanding.

In this Teach-Out, you will:
- Reflect on the last year and a half with guided exercises based on mindfulness and temporal distancing
- Hear from public health experts on what the future of global health looks like
- Learn how to prepare your dog to be left at home
- Understand how our energy levels have changed and how to use that to create a sustainable transition into increased interactions




2 weeks



U-M Credit Eligible



  • Teach-Out Experts